Competition FAQ

Can we bring in printed plans and diagrams?


Can we bring in our cell phones and use them to access our plans?

Yes, cellphones are allowed. You may use them to access your plans and/or to help with the challenges if needed.

How is the frosting provided? Is it pre-filled into the bags?

Each team is provided with 5 lbs. of white frosting in an aluminum pan. Each team is also provided with (5) paper bowls, (5) pastry bags, and a set of food coloring. Pastry/frosting piping tips and couplers are NOT provided.

Can the teams bring in additional food coloring?

No food coloring (including paste) is allowed to be brought in.

Are there any surplus items provided?

There is a “pantry” set up in the portico where we’ll have “surplus” items. This tends to be additional quantities of the items already in your box.

Are we allowed to have “celebrity” or “guest” appearances at our table at the time of judging? 

No, teams are not allowed to have celebrity or guest appearances at their tables at the time of judging. Only registered members of the team should be present at the table when the President and Provost are reviewing.